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The International page of the BMW brand(new bmw series, BMW M Series) and information about other products and accessory!

bmw-1series, new 1 bmw car

The BMW 1 Series celebrated its auto show debut at the Paris Motor Show.

It's all due to the car's temperament and the BMW drive concept, making it agile and nimble. Reinforced by its athletic appearance, it will bring a smile to all passers-by. And reassures with an incomparable driving sensation that lasts and lasts: on long straight stretches, in tight curves and with 7 days of driving fun per week. Success through diversity.
bmw 3 series, new bmw m3

The BMW 3 Series. The new BMW M3. And BMW M3 CSL car.

Enthusiasm for new ideas has always been part of the company's success. More than 30 years ago, BMW created the original compact, sports sedan. Today's BMW 3 Series continues this tradition in outstanding fashion.

bmw 5 series coupe, new bmw m5

The BMW 5 Series and BMW Concept M5.

The wisdom to learn from experience, the courage to push the limits: this is the combination that leads to lasting success, also in the world of automotive engineering. Design and comfort, safety and performance - these are the key elements of the nature of the BMW 5 Series.

6 bmw seires, bmw m6 consept

The BMW 6 Series car and New BMW M6.

Getting into the BMW 6 Series Convertible is something special. When the sun comes out, you can lower the soft top and the glass rear window at the touch of a button. Start the V8 engine to feel your heart beat a little faster. All seats are designed for optimum comfort; the spacious rear guarantees a relaxed ride for passengers, and there is more than enough space for luggage in the boot. But the pleasure doesn't stop there: put the BMW 6 Series Convertible into gear and your journey begins.

bmw 7 series, 2006 7 series bmw

The BMW 7 Series.

A significant improvement in performance along with enhancements to the chassis and suspension reaffirm the BMW 7 Series as the driver's car in the segment. Refinement in design expresses the car's enhanced driving dynamics and sportiness, while retaining the unmistakable presence that gives the BMW 7 Series its elegant and charismatic character.

bmw x3 suv, 2006 bmw x3, BMW X3 WHEELS

The BMW X3 is ready for any passion, any weather, any corner, any pace. The Alcan Rally's blend of cold and icy conditions, torturous roads and test of handling prowess proved perfect fodder for BMW's newest Sports Activity Vehicle by providing all four in abundance. The X3 offers BMW levels of performance and handling as well as outstanding traction thanks to its all-new xDrive all-wheel drive system.

bmw x5, BMW CAR X5, 2006 bmw x5

The BMW X5 with xDrive, the intelligent all-wheel drive system, is a true Sports Activity Vehicle: powerful, dynamic and flexible. Once you get to know the X5, you'll soon forget the meaning of the word "compromise". Its powerful engines, its innovative all-wheel drive system and its flexible, adaptable interior are convincing proof that BMW never does anything by half Prepare to be obsessed. The upgraded model debuts in September 2003 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and goes on sale soon after the show.

bmw car z4, bmw z4 roadster

The BMW Z 4 Roadster create an idea and it will live for a moment. Touch the senses and it becomes timeless. This is what makes the BMW Z4 so immensely compelling: it is a vehicle that was created to excite every sense. Its unique design and premium-quality craftsmanship will fascinate you. Its brilliant handling and splendid performance will exhilarate you. Every time you experience it: the BMW Z4 will provide you with extraordinary moments of unforgettable pleasure. For all your senses!

bmw z9 convertible, new bmw z9 car

The BMW Z9 Convertible.

A glimpse into the future of automotive design and technology, the Z9 is the latest BMW concept car, featuring carbon-fiber skin over an aluminum space frame and the world's first V8 diesel engine.The new Z9 Convertible was shown at the New York Auto Show!

bmw z9 concept, new bmw z9 car

The BMW Z9 Concept.

A glimpse into the future of automotive design and technology, the Z9 is the latest BMW concept car, featuring carbon-fiber skin over an aluminum space frame and the world's first V8 diesel engine. The new Z9 Concept was shown at the New York Auto Show!

bmw x coupe, bmw x series

The new BMW X coupe.

At the very first glance, this impressive new vehicle with aluminum skin in Highland Silver shows that BMW is opening a new chapter in vehicle design. From a pure styling standpoint, the X coupe is dramatically different from anything BMW has ever created � a logical next step in the evolution of BMW design.

bmw x coupe, bmw x series

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